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Varuna Occults 16mag Star
3UCAC 233-089504 for Central Europe !

Another update of January 7/8 !

Attention! The shadow on those maps moves from right to left. The red dots are plotted every minute, with the larger red dot corresponding to geocentric closest approach. The time written at the bottom of the time is for the geocentric closest approach.

From Bruno Sicardy, Paris.....

here is the latest update based on the astrometry by Julio Camargo, using the Pic du Midi images of 6/7 and 7/8 Jan. So they are the *same* images as for the predictions by Raoul Behrend below.They differ in relative distance by 22 mas, within the limiting accuracy of the measures.They differ in time by 1min 35s, though, which is somehow large.

Here is an updated map of the Varuna occultation of Jan 8. It is based on astrometry made by Raoul Behrend, using images taken at Pic du Midi on Jan 6/7 and 7/8.

The dotted lines are conservative error bars corresponding to ± 0.04 arcsec accuracy.

 The nominal track goes over Japan, Corea, China,..., Scandinavia and northern UK

Last update of January 7th

In the last 24h many different predictions have been generated, the following is the last and perhaps most robust prediction. As Bruno Sicardy tells us in his mail:

"So it is not easy to assess the error bars... I would say that the attached map reflects the general agreement reached from various data sets taken on jan 5/6, and analyzed by various teams.

I have put in dotted lines the overall uncertainty domain, assuming an error bar of ± 0.04 arcsec for the astrometry, which should be conservative. "

Finding Charts etc.

Raoul Behrend made this little animation:

Further he send this image of the target star:

Close by is the 14m9 mag star 3UCAC 233-089506 in a distance of about 6 arcseconds.

Finder charts generated with the UCAC 3 catalog and the XEPHEM program you can find as follows:

20 x 20 arcmin In the circle its the upper right star!

1 x 1 degree

2 x 2 degree

5 x 5 degree

20 x 20 degree

DSS2R 1 x 1 deg Overlaid DSS2R catalogue with 1 x 1 degree

Bruno Sicardy sent us a 13 x 9 arcmin image generated from the DSS image catalogue:

The object to be occulted is the upper right one of the double star in the center of the image.

Please contact our EMAIL about possible observations. If updates are available, they will be posted here.

Good luck and Happy New Year

Wolfgang Beisker

IOTA-ES Research and Development