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The Saturn System Occults HIP 42705

Saturn and its rings will occult the 8th mag star HIP 42705 on the 25th of January 2006 in the hours around 20h UTC. The event is visible from large part of the world, including Europe, nearly all Asia and Africa as well.

Ausführliche Informationen hierzu von Alfons Gabel gibt es hier  in Deutsch.
Extensive Information from Alfons Gabel is available here.


HIP 42705 = HD 74050 = PPM 125631 = SAO 98054 = TYC 1395-1113-1

From the SIMBAD site the following photometric informations are relevant:

Photometric measurements from the JP11 catalogue:

Spectral type A7Vn   reference: 1956PASP


HIP 72705
Diff to G2 star
U: 360nm
B: 450nm
V: 550nm
R: 670nm
I: 870nm

In the table you see the intensities in the wavelengthbands for the star from the JP11 catalogue. The difference to a G2 star is given in the last column of the table. It means, that in the U Band the star is about 0.5m brighter compared to a G2 star with the same magnitude in V. In the R-Band the star is 0.25mag fainter as compared to a G2 star.

Using a strong blue filter therefore can improve the detectability with respect to Saturns ring.

More infos to tomorrow (24th of January), if tests this night with different cameras will be successful!